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A stress test is used to assess how well your heart is functioning during physical activity. Patients will be asked to walk at a brisk rate on a treadmill while their heart rate, blood pressure, and EKG are monitored. For a Stress Echocardiogram, a cardiac ultrasound will be performed immediately after the exercise. Comfortable, two piece clothing and walking shoes are recommended.

Nuclear Stress Test
A Nuclear Stress test is used to assess blood flow to the heart muscle. The patient will be asked to walk on a treadmill, and at their peak exercise rate, they will be injected with a small amount of a radioactive tracer. If a patient is unable to walk on a treadmill, they may be injected with a vasodilator by the name of Lexiscan.

Special Instructions

For Nuclear Stress Testing, the patient should not eat or drink 6 hours prior to the test, and no smoking or caffeine products of any kind for 12 hours prior to the test. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes, avoid applying any lotions or oils to the chest area, and bring a list of current medications.

Close up of heart rate monitor measuring heartbeat for patient doing gymnastics for physical recovery. Retired man using sport equipment to exercise for physiotherapy and strength.