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Understanding Your Respiratory Health

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A Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is used to evaluate a patient’s lung function using a series of breathing maneuvers.

The patient is seated during testing which can take up to one hour. Depending on the test results, a breathing treatment may be given to the patient and the maneuvers repeated to see if the treatment was effective.

We are also able to perform Methacholine Challenge Tests (MCT), which may be ordered in addition to the PFT by a physician. An MCT is used to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of asthma.

Special Instructions

When you schedule your appointment you will be informed of restrictions that you will need to abide by on the day of your test. These include restraining from smoking and caffeine 6 hours prior to testing, not eating a heavy meal 1 hour before testing, as well as restrictions on the use of allergy medications and inhalers. Non-restricting, comfortable clothing is advised. Please bring your current medical insurance card, a photo id, order form for the test and any copay or coinsurance you may owe.

Young woman during a spirography test, measuring breathing movements with spirometer at medical Spa salon