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Do I Need An EMG?

Electromyography (EMG) is a diagnostic procedure performed to assess the health of your muscles and nerves.

 An EMG uses electrodes to transmit or detect electrical signals. These electrodes may be taped to the skin or may be small needles inserted into the muscle. The electrodes measure the speed and strength of signals traveling between two or more points in order to help diagnose a nerve dysfunction, muscle dysfunction or any other issues related to nerve to muscle signals.  EMG testing is performed by Dr. Kadhim in his office.

Special Instructions

When you schedule your appointment you will be given any special instructions that you may need to follow for your testing procedure. Please bring your current medical insurance card, photo ID, order for the test, list of current medications, and any copay or coinsurance you may owe. For lower extremity testing, you will be asked to wear shorts, or loose pants that can be pulled above the knee, and to refrain from wearing any lotion on your legs. For upper extremity testing, you will be asked to wear short sleeve shirts as well as refrain from wearing any lotion on your arms. You will also be asked to not wear any jewelry on the extremities that you are having tested.