Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease

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At Risk For Thyroid Cancer?

Consider nuclear medicine at Premier Physicians to properly diagnose cancer early

Nuclear Medicine is a diagnostic specialty that physicians use to understand and treat diseases in a safe and painless manner. By injecting or ingesting a safe amount of a radioactive isotope – usually with less radiation exposure than a typical x-ray – your physician will get a clear view of a specific part of your body. Nuclear medicine detects physiological changes as compared to diagnostic x-rays or ultrasounds, which detect anatomical changes.

Special Instructions

No special preparation is necessary for most nuclear medicine procedures, though specific instructions will be given to you at the time you schedule your appointment. You may be required to fast, or restrain from certain medications, alcohol, caffeine, or smoking. You should wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes and refrain from applying any lotions or oils to your chest area. Please bring your current medical insurance card, photo ID, order for the test, a list of your current medications and any copay or coinsurance you may owe.