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We provide laboratory testing services that aid in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of many diseases and medical conditions

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Our laboratory tests are available to any physician who participates in your care, whether he or she is a member of Premier or not.

At all of our convenient locations, our phlebotomists – the people who carefully draw your blood – are experienced and caring professionals who ease the anxiety that patients can sometime feel, even with children. They also have the skills and tools to skillfully draw blood from older adults with fragile skin and veins. And many times blood can be drawn directly at your physician’s office, thereby saving you a trip.

Special Instructions

Please wear shirts/tops with easy access to your arms, especially your elbow area. When you schedule your appointment, you may be advised to fast prior to testing. Please bring your current medical insurance card, photo ID, order for the test, and any copay or coinsurance you may owe.

Closeup of young female scientist preparing blood test sample using dropper while working in medical laboratory, copy space