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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dr. David Naar, Vascular Surgeon, established The Vein Center at Premier Physicians and uses the latest technology to perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures at the Premier Physicians ASC to treat patients with a condition known as Chronic Venous Insufficiency, or CVI. Symptoms may include leg fatigue, pain, discoloration, and swelling. The good news is that CVI is a treatable condition, and the earlier CVI is treated, the better the chances of preventing serious complications.

Laser Procedures
Patients seeking treatment for varicose veins should consider laser procedures for quick relief. The advantages include shorter recovery time (since the procedures are minimally invasive), lower risk of infection, and less discomfort for the patient. Clinical trials have shown that laser procedures have a 97% effective rate for patients.

Micro Phlebectomy
This minor procedure removes varicose veins with very small incision. The targeted veins are removed with a very small hook-like instrument under a local anesthetic, allowing most patients to resume normal activities within one to two days. This procedure is also considered minimally invasive, and the large majority of patients find that both their clinical and cosmetic outcomes are positive.

This procedure treats spider veins through the injection of a solution which causes the vein to collapse and eventually dissipate through the body. Most patients find that this minor procedure causes them little or no discomfort. (Note that this treatment method for spider veins is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, and therefore not covered by most insurance plans.)

Senior doctor finding veins with vein scanner device to a young patient in a medical resort